Letters from a Skeptic by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd
Greg Boyd and his father, Ed, were on opposite sides of a great divide.  Greg was a newfound Christ, while his father was a longtime agnostic.  So Greg offered his father an invitation:  Ed could write any questions on Christianity, and his son would offer a response.  Letters from a skeptic contains this special correspondence.  The letters tackle some of today’s toughest challenges facing Christianity, including:
Do all non-Christians go to hell?
How can we believe a man rose from the dead?
Why is the world so full of suffering?
How do we know the Bible was divinely inspired?
Does God know the future?
Each response offers insights into the big questions, while delivering intelligent answers that connect with both the heart and mind.  Whether you’re a skeptic, a believer, or just unsure, these letters can provide a practical, common-sense guide to the Christian faith.