About Path to Recovery

At Pathway Church, Recovery is more than  the process of being restored to a productive life.  It is, ultimately, growing into and becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  We understand that we exist to make a positive difference in this world and alcohol, substance abuse and other forms of "self-centeredness" keeps us away from being able to effectively love in a "Christ-Centered" way. . 

At Path To Recovery, we are committed to the following principles that help move us toward the great life of purpose God has prepared for us:

1. Openness in sharing
2. Honesty in disclosing our feelings and circumstances
3. Compassion in our responses
4. Confidentiality with what we hear
5. Love in all that we do

As people who struggle with different issues we have an incredible opportunity to lean on God's promises to change our hearts and lives.  You do not need to be a christian to be a part of our group but understand that His truths and promises are the basis of our gatherings. Whether you love God and have a relationship with Him or you are interested in how He changes lives...all are welcome.

Meeting Time

Thursdays between 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm

What we do:

We typically gather as a single group and have a devotion which is centered on a specific topic.  We will then have a lesson that centers around addiction or one of the 12 steps.  After open discussion, we then break up into groups where we then have intimate discussions about the things that keep us from healthy living and the things that ultimately keep us away from a vibrant relationship with God.  

We believe that you were created as a beautiful masterpiece to live a life of great purpose.  This world needs you and it needs me.  However, it needs us at our best.  That is why we meet.  To share our experiences, our strength and our hope.  To carry each other's burden and to walk this journey together.  There is a special and unique you that is made to give light to this world.  Let's find it together.

Our leadership:

Our leadership has over 20 years of victory in the area of addiction.  We believe that the greatest leadership is shown in great service to others.  With the ability to listen and to respond with compassion all in dependence on God, we are prepared to love through whatever the issue might be.  

It is our hope that our leadership will grow to include you.  Ultimately, there are those outside of our meetings who are waiting and scheduled for an encounter with you.  We are committed to growing in our availability to others.